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We have 2 levels of

Videos label

Low Bandth Video

368x244 400kbps


Medium Bandwidth Video

656x480 1500kbps


Tia McGraff Video

Link to Tia McGraff Video

Music Page Title


We have worked

with many musicians

Some include(alphebetically)

  • Ian Bell
  • Rodger Brunning
  • Carribean Singers
  • Cindy Dell
  • Adam Dugas
  • Fred Eaglesmith with Willie P. Bennett
  • Rachel Heart
  • Tia McGraff
  • Duane Rutter
  • Alfie Smith

Collage of Musicians

Our specialty is music

We have been camera crew ,directed and produced music tv shows such as Songwriter's Circle and The Songhaul

We cover music concerts and Cd releases as well as demo videos for musicians

We have that ability to predict that sets us apart.

Let us know what you need and we will look after it.



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